3 Reasons it pays to buy a Fixer upper!

    Perfect Size, Perfect location, and you found the “Perfect Home” but it still needs some work. What do you do?

    Should you make a fixer-upper your next home? Here are three reasons why you should possibly say “Yes” the fixer upper home!

    1. When you know your upgrades to the home will be easy!  If hiring contractors are out of the question for you, but you know that you can fix it up yourself. A good reason to say yes!
    2. When your numbers just add up! Homes that need to be fixed up only make sense to buy as long as your numbers add up. A great question to ask yourself is, “Is the money that I have to put into it going to make the property worth at least that (much) when I do it?”
    3. When the timing is right! It’s very important to understand the renovation process. What’s your schedule like? Do you have time to invest in the entire process? Will it be years before you actually get it done? These are important things to consider! Fixing up a home and making it something you love can cost you but also take some time. You need both!

    Click here to start your home search today! We looking forward to helping you.

    -Re/Max Plus, Frederick MD.


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