5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in Frederick Maryland.

    Happy Monday to our favorite community, Frederick Maryland! You’ve made the decision to move from one home to another. Exciting!! 🙂 

    We want to talk about some steps you need to take to find the perfect neighborhood to live in.

    Step 1: Sit down with your family and make a list of what you want in your new neighborhood.

    Step 2:  Spend time driving around certain neighborhoods. Look at the other houses surrounding your potential home. Do your neighbors keep the yards well manicured?  Are they nicely painted? Does the neighborhood look attractive? Considering these things will give you an idea of how well your home will hold its value over the years. Very important!

    Step 3: When deciding where to live, remember that a lot of your time will be away from home. It’s also important to add in  your commute time to and from work.

    Step 4: Research goes a long way. Look up the crime rates in the various possible home locations. Also, when it comes to your lifestyle, think about local points of interest that you want to be close to!

    Step 5: Focus on your future. Are you planning on having children? If so, all the schools they will attend should be nearby. What about job changes?

    Save money, time and heartache by considering these neighborhood points before buying!

    We look forward to serving you!

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