[def:  an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (such as species) in a common location]

    Since when is hanging by a creek a sought-after thing to do for grown-ups?  Isn’t that something we all did when we were kids – t-shirts and sneakers, skipping rocks across the water, climbing trees?

    Well, here in this great little city of ours (well, ok the second largest city in Maryland – but still), grown-ups are alive along the creek in Downtown Frederick every Thursday evening from 5-8 pm.  Alive @ Five to be exact – an outdoor venue of beer and wine, food, music, sunshine and happy hour hosted by the Downtown Frederick Partnership.

    A place where well-behaved pooches are always welcomed, and water is always free.  A place where you can dance along the canal to the live band playing under the tent.  A place where shorts and t-shirts and dresses and suits all blend together for an evening of total sun and relaxation.

    Here along the canal, you definitely experience what a “sense of community” really feels like.  What having good neighbors really is.  Whether you live within walking distance or travel into these parts, you feel right at home when you’re here.

    Just one of the many, many things to do in Downtown Frederick; a great place to call home.  The new Georgetown some say.  The place to live and shop, to work and play.  Jump in on the fun!  Isn’t the goal to love where you live and to be a part of the greater community?

    Community – a sense of belonging, even if it is along a creek.  Especially when it’s along a creek

    And no one knows about community better than our agents at Re/max Plus and about the real estate market in Downtown Frederick.

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