Frederick Screams for Ice Cream!

    Quick! Think of the sweet, cold, creamy treat most mouths water for in warm weather. . .  Did you think of ice cream? If you did, not only are you not alone, but you certainly fit right in with past Marylander’s’ taste buds!


    In fact, the history of ice cream in the United States can be traced back to 1744 when an official from Virginia ate at the house of Maryland Governor, Thomas Bladen, in Annapolis. The official wrote in his journal about many details from the meal, noting that the governor even served “… some fine Ice Cream…” This was reportedly the first time ice cream was served in the New World.


    Ice cream was an extremely popular treat even then, but because refrigeration was rudimentary (ice had to be cut from lakes, shipped to other areas, and kept in ice houses), ice cream was typically only for the very wealthy. As time progressed, by the mid 1800’s, a former milk delivery man in Baltimore named Jacob Fussell started creating ice cream from the remnants of his deliveries. His ice cream grew to be demanded so much, that he founded the first ice cream factory! Although the first location was originally in Seven Valley, Pennsylvania, his business grew to the point that he relocated to Baltimore in 1854.


    This business model was soon replicated by other entrepreneurs, including one of Maryland’s most famous ice cream scions, Lionel Manuel Hendler. Eventually the Hendler Creamery became the Borden Dairy and Creamery.


    Regardless of what brand or flavor you buy, you can thank Marylanders for helping ice cream to become a national sensation!


    If you are interested in tasting the ice creams of local creameries, has a comprehensive list of Maryland’s “Ice Cream Trail”. Following are the two creameries that can be found right here in Frederick County:


    Rocky Point Creamery, Tuscarora (Frederick County) – Come take a drive through the back roads along the Potomac River and experience how beautiful farm country really is in Maryland. Be ready to enjoy a satisfyingly sweet experience; your taste buds can drive you here. All you have to figure out is which flavor to choose.

    South Mountain Creamery, Middletown (Frederick County) – South Mountain Creamery is Maryland’s first on-site dairy processing plant that delivers all-natural and farm fresh products to your doorstep. We have been in the delivery business since 2001 and like to think we are the return of the milkman! We deliver to over 8,000 customers weekly and have a radius that includes DC, Baltimore, Arlington, and many other areas in the four-state region. We also have a store on our farm that sells our products to those local customers that don’t have our delivery service……yet!

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