Getting Your Home Ready for Trick-or-Treaters!

    Hello everyone! Our blogs are back 🙂 We have had a busy two weeks here in the office. We are expanding and changing up a few things! #Exciting

    We care about the safety of everyone in our community! Today’s blog is all about how to make your home safe and fun for your trick or treaters 🙂  We hope these tips help you!

    Tip 1. Inspect your lawn, driveway and front path for trip hazards like exposed tree roots, cracks in concrete or missing pavers! If you can, make repairs where you need too in unsafe areas!

    Tip 2: Make sure the path to your house is bright enough for trick-or-treaters to approach safely.

    Tip 3: Have a big dog that’s protective? You might want to put him/her away for a few hours 🙂  Halloween costumes are so convincing as to be frightening to small children, those same customes can easily frightren your dog as well!


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