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    House Hunting Mistakes to Avoid. What Not to Do While House Hunting!


    Weekends are busy for home searching. Are you currently looking to buy one? Searching for a house to buy can be a waste of time if you don’t know what you’re doing! Here’s what we mean. Most of the homes you see on the outside won’t be what you are looking for on the inside. Luckily, a great realtor can help you search efficiently and painlessly and avoid a lot of common mistakes!


    Here are some thing you should avoid during your home search!

    1. Don’t just pick up the phone, call the number on the sign, or go by yourself.  *Safety first*
    2. Don’t make every seller think that you are highly interested in their property. This can hurt the bargaining process for the realtor!
    3. Don’t think you’re better off not hiring a realtor. Realtors save you time and MONEY in the long run!
    4. Don’t plan to do something until hours after you’re visiting homes. Sometimes if you find the home you love, the night spent out is a lot longer than you realize!
    5. Don’t wear lace-up shoes. Many homes have new carpet. Often the seller will have a  a “please remove shoes” sign!
    6. Don’t hold back from looking in drawers, closets etc.  If you really dislike or like the place…you need to know!
    7. *Most IMPORTANT* —> Don’t EVER think you can offend your realtor! They want what’s BEST for you! So, if you like it the home… that’s great!! But if you hate it…. don’t hesitate to tell them! Realtors don’t take anything personally. You telling them that you don’t like certain things about homes you see can only help them help you find your dream home!

    Happy Searching! Click here to start your home search with us today. We are excited to help you!



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