How to Set Up the Ultimate Guest Room

    With the summer travel season impending, you’re probably expecting incoming guests. And why not? Frederick County is full of fun things to do in the summer months!

    At the end of a fun-filled day, what better way to make your guests feel pampered than to have a special space made up just for them. Following are our tips to make your company feel especially welcome. These best part about all of these ideas is that they are not at all expensive or difficult to execute. Know that any additional effort will most certainly be appreciated by your guests!


    Cozy bedding is a must-have! If you are using an air mattress, add a memory foam bed topper for a luxurious feel. Choose nice cotton or sateen sheets, and a variety of pillows to accommodate for sleeping preferences (i.e. super plush to firm).

    Scent can play an important role as well. I’m not talking about going on overload here- especially if your guests are known to have sensitive noses. But if not, a light spritzing on the pillows and sheets with a calming linen spray (think scents like lavender and eucalyptus) is a sumptuous bedtime surprise. For a whole room scent, use a plug in, wax melt, or candle- whatever you are most comfortable with! Here, the key is to have a pleasant aroma (light, clean, or cozy) that isn’t overwhelming. Use precaution when selecting placement if using anything with a heat element or open flame, as well as a soy based candle. These burn cleaner and more evenly than other types.

    Provide plenty of throw blankets in a selection of weights. The last thing you want is your company to have a bad night’s sleep from shivering if you’re prone to having a cold house in the evening! With that in mind though, think about setting your thermostat between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal sleeping conditions.

    Bonus Points for white bathrobes!


    Start with necessities. Think about the sorts of items provided at a hotel; towels, toothbrushes, extra toilet paper, tampons… It’s especially important to provide guests with things that might be awkward to ask for (tampons, toilet brush, you get the picture!).

    Bonus Points for Poo-Pourri Spray!

    If you have an extra blow dryer, one placed in the guest bathroom is produent (along with toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap). Hangers are a thoughtful touch if your guest room has a closet.

    Leave a note (framing this would be nice!) in plain sight with your WiFi password.

    Lastly, add some treats such as late night salty snacks, sweets, and bottled water on a bar cart or in a neat basket to make sure no one goes to bed hungry (or feels awkward about tip-toeing to the kitchen after everyone has gone to bed).

    Bonus Points for adding in some local treats here!


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