Living in Urbana, Maryland!


    Did you know that the best selling community in Frederick County is Villages of Urbana? Urbana has all of the features that every family needs and wants! 

    Urbana is now known as the “master planned” community! This means that everything in and around the community is there because it was a part of an original plan for the community to offer people convince & pleasure! 

    Here are just a few reasons why people love this area so much!

    • Walkability- Saving you the time and energy because everything is near. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle.
    • Convenience- The Urbana Market district has a Giant, restaurants,  shops, services, and even our own Urbana Library (Can’t beat that)
    • Safety- Any parents out there? Urbana has it’s own schools (yep that’s right) within walking distance or just a short bus ride away! The excess sidewalks and walking trails to ensure that the community can move around & that it’s safe!
    • Amenities- Amenities makes you feel like your always on vacation & Urbana offers that. There are multiple pools, playgrounds, clubhouses, tennis courts, and much much more!
    • Community- Your neighbors don’t feel like strangers. Everyone is very invested into each other families and share common values! Every month there is always exciting events happening to pull the community together.


    *Top 5 Hot spots near Urbana*

    1. Downtown Frederick (8 miles)
    2. National Museums  (6 miles)
    3. Monocacy battlefield (4 miles)
    4. Gaithersburg Rio (12 miles)
    5. Washington DC (35 miles)

    As if we haven’t said enough wonderful things already….Last but NOT least.

    Urbana is in the Frederick County district which means…home of the top school district in ALL of Maryland!



    Frederick County
    2016 Statistics!


    If you’re looking to buy or sell in this area. Contact us today! Have a great rest of your week. 

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