Six Edible Garden Ideas

    Although it may seem like winter may never end, you shouldn’t forget to be planning your gardens! If you’re interested in growing something to eat, see our ideas for fun-themed edible gardens.


    1. Caprese: Tomatoes, and basil
    2. Herbs: Basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, chives, and sorrel.
    3. Salad: Beet greens, golden frills, French breakfast radish, spinach, pea shoots, red Russian kale, arugula, and tatsoi.
    4. Tacos: Cilantro, arugula, purple plum radish, valentines day radish, white icicle radish, and scallions.
    5. Hot Sauce: Dragon carrot, ring-o-fire cayenne pepper, Napoli carrot, and purple branching onions.
    6. Cocktails: Thai basil, celery, pea shoots, purple basil, lemon balm, tulsi, borage, and fennel greens.

    If none of these piques your interest because you’re more intereseted in the traditional vegetable garden, following are the planting dates for Maryland, as per the University of Maryland.

    HG16 Planting Dates for Vegetable Crops in Maryland

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