Spring into Flowerbed Planning

    If you’re anything like me, you love to garden. Actually, if you’re anything like me, you love to garden in the ‘let me plop this in the ground and water it every now and then’ kind of way.

    Whether you are the sort to take joy in the daily maintenance of gardening, or the variety that likes to sit back and watch it grow; this assortment of annuals, perennials, and native-to-Maryland plants might be just the sort of thing for you.

    These perennials are perfect for our state’s swing from winter temperatures into a hot and humid  summer, and don’t require as much nurturing as other varieties. The plants we have chosen to share with you are ones that bees and butterflies are quite fond of, as well as drought and deer resistant. Perennials can take a bit longer to get a good bloom going though, so add in some annuals for instant color!



    Petunia ‘Night sky’

    Great for containers, this sun-loving plant will bloom in late spring and early summer.

    Begonia ‘Little lava’

    This orange gem from Hort Couture grows 15 inches tall and prefers the sun.

    Biden ‘Beedance’

    Bidens are a good flower to start the season because it prefers cool weather. The Beedance variety features red stripes on yellow flowers and is well suited to containers and window boxes.

    Celosia ‘Intenz’ Dark Purple

    Reaching a height of 18 inches, this plant is suitable for containers or beds that get plenty of sunlight.

    Coleus ‘Color Clouds- Hottie’

    This plant’s color changes as it matures. Young leaves are lime-green with magenta veins. The more mature leaves turn magenta, giving the plant a variegated look. This shade-lover grows fast and lasts until frost.



    Echinacea ‘Butterfly — Rainbow Marcella’

    Echinaceas, more commonly known as coneflowers, are among the easiest flowers to grow in the Maryland garden. This cultivar is smaller than most echinaceas, growing to 18 inches. Its long-lasting blooms change from orange to pink with age. These plants do well in full sun and can tolerate drought once established.

    Coreopsis ‘Lightning Bug’

    This versatile plant with striking orange and yellow flowers goes well in beds or containers. Bees and butterflies love it, and deer don’t. Plant in full sun for blooms from June until September.

    Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’

    The colors range from blush pink to red and orange.

    Acanthus ‘Whitewater’

    Bred to tolerate heat and humidity, this shade-loving plant features striking, dark green leaves with splashes of white on the margins. Its pink and white flowers bloom in midsummer.

    Phlox ‘Paniculata- Jeana’

    This lightly scented phlox is a butterfly magnet. Reaching 5 feet in height, it resists mildew and blooms from July until October. This American native can be planted in full or part sun.

    Salvia ‘Ultraviolet’

    Salvias are great pollinators and come in a variety of colors. This new hybrid from Ball Horticultural Co. will bloom from midsummer to early fall. The sun-loving plant tolerates heat and dry soil.

    Heuchera ‘Champagne’

    The foliage of this disease-resistant plant varies from pink to gold and is well suited to garden borders and open-woodland gardens. It reaches 18 inches in height and width, and its delicate pale pink blossoms bloom in June and July.

    Geranium ‘Fay Anna’

    It does well in the sun or part shade, and hummingbirds love it.

    Baptista ‘Solar Flare’

    Deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, this variety of baptista, or false indigo, features flowers that open as yellow and then become orange and purple with age. The sun-loving plant grows 2-3 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width.

    Aralia Cordata ‘Sun King’

    This plant grows to 3 feet high and resists deer while attracting honeybees.



    Plant descriptions from the Baltimore Sun.

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