Spring Tidying for Every Schedule

    While no one writes carols about this post-holidays season, you can certainly blast your favorite motivating tunes to tackle your spring cleaning! It might be the longer evening sunshine hours, or it might be a cultural tradition; whatever the cause, we certainly look forward to our annual tidying.

    You might enjoy taking some of your restlessness from winter out on getting that one stain out that you’ve been staring at all winter, especially while it might not quite be time to start planting your new flowerbeds. This is the perfect time to try out all the cleaning hacks you’ve been saving on Pinterest (and maybe delete some that you find don’t work!). It’s also entirely possible that- at last- you will find the DVD remote you’ve given up on resurfacing.

    Whatever your reason- get out those vacuum cleaners, ready your dusters, and prepare for the urge to invite your mother over while everything is sparking clean!

    The “I’ve Only Got Five Minutes” Tasks

    1. Banish dust from baseboards

    You can tackle these dust-catchers without even bending over! Lightly spray an old sock with some cleaning solution and run your foot over baseboards

    2. Fill your dishwasher with everything but dishes

    Plastic children’s toys, soap dishes, air intake vents- get creative!

    3. Sprinkle and suck up

    Sprinkle baking soda on carpets, upholstered furniture, and even your mattress. Wait 15 minutes, and then vacuum up for instant freshness.

    4. Walk around with a lint roller

    This touch-up-before-heading-out staple is not only great for the errant pet hair or piece of fuzz, but also excellent at grabbing dust from neglected spaces (i.e. lampshades, stuffed animals, bottom of your purse)

    5. Give your gadgets some cleanliness

    For goodness sake, do you have any idea how filthy your cellphone is?! Use an electronics safe spray with a microfiber cloth or a wipe, and also hit your other frequently used items like remotes.

    6. Wipe down your purse

    Please use whatever kind of cleaning solution is safe for your particular handbag, and get the nastiness from the floor (or wherever your handbag might land) off one of your most frequently handled items!

    7. Freshen your garbage disposal

    Whether you like to use those disposal cleaning beads, or would rather use a lemon rind, grind one up to get rid of that funk along with running cold water.

    8. Clean dust from ceiling fans

    Before the first heat wave makes you fling dust throughout your house with your ceiling fan, clean the blades by slipping an old pillowcase over each blade to simultaneously swipe the dust off, and catch it in the pillowcase.

    9. Get rid of old magazines/catalogues

    Please. Just do this. Recycle and feel the weight lifted from the removal of clutter!

    The One-Day Full-House Cleaning Schedule


    Whistle while you (house) work!

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