The top 3 tips to help you sell your home for more!

    Looking to sell your current home? The goal is always to try and sell your home for the most money in the shortest timeframe.

    On today’s blog, We wanted to offer you some tips on how to sell your home for more money!

    Tip #1: Get prepared to sell your home!

    As a homeowner you have the opportunity to create an incredible first impression when buyers first see it. Guess where they’re most likely to see it first? Online. So make sure you have professional pictures taken of your home!

    The following are somethings you can do to prepare for professional photography. 
    1. Fresh paint! Always a plus!
    2. Landscaping/yard work done!
    3. Less is more, make sure things are put away & cleaned up nicely!
    4. Lights! Make sure your home as enough lighting to help enhance the photography!

    Tip # 2 Set the right price from the start! & stay strong to your list price

    If you’re listing your home for sale, be ready to sell it at a price that causes someone to buy it! This is so key to selling your home the right way. A common mistake sellers make is pricing their home far above it’s market value. There shouldn’t ever be a reason that you don’t stand firm to the list price you’ve set with your agent. Anyone who is interested in your home, should be equally interested in the price we have listed it for! Sometimes your neighbors may have drop their price during negotiations, but that doesn’t mean you have too.

    Tip # 3 Ask the right questions! 

    When we are trying to sell your home, pushing people to buy it often does more damage then it does any good! The approach you should take is asking the right questions to ensure they are the right buyer! For example, if someone walks into your home one of the first things your agent should ask them is “what brought you in today?” This will help establish rapport to discover their motivation for buying!

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