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    What to expect when living in Frederick, Maryland. The top 10 things you should know


    Location, Location, Location.

     Before you move, think about what you like and don’t like about where you currently live. Does your potential destination offer the same benefits? Does it solve any of the problems you currently have? When researching the top things that people look for when deciding to live in a certain area, we found out that it might not be what you expect. As of 2016, here are the top five highest priority things that will make or break your move.


    1. High quality day care providers
    2. Access to organic foods
    3. Transporation
    4. Day/night life
    5. Safety

    So what should you expect when living in Frederick, Maryland?  Well, we have you covered with ALL five!

     Let’s talk about each topic and how Frederick truly delivers. 

    High quality day care providers – La Petite Academy

    Leaving your child in the hands of another and feeling comfortable about the staff, location and facility is so important. When researching the top day care in Frederick County, we discovered La Petite Academy. La Petite Academy is the largest day care provider nationwide, with over 3 locations just in Frederick! They offer infant care all the way up to preschool & kindergarten prep, while also providing before and an after school program. With over 5 specialized programs, they are providing the highest quality in our community today. A place you can trust is La Petite Academy.

    You can check them out here —> La Petite Academy

    Access to organic foods- They are everywhere!  

    Food access is not simply a health issue but also a community development and equity issue. For this reason, access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food is a key component not only in a healthy, sustainable local food system, but also in a healthy, sustainable community.

    Here are the TOP 3 places in Frederick, Maryland for local organic food. 

    1. Wegmans- Partnering with local farmers to provide fresh organic vegetables and poultry. Visit here –> Wegmans
    2. Common Market-  full service organic grocery store and health food center. Visit here –> Common Market
    3. Mom’s organic market- We stock a higher volume of organic products than any other store, including 100% organic produce. Visit here –> Moms Organic Market

    Transportation- Public Transportation in Frederick County, providing public transportation to nearly 840,000 riders a year!

    • TransIT provides public transit, paratransit and commuter services/employer outreach information throughout Frederick County, MD. They serve medical, employment, education and local shopping centers. Since 2004, they have provided over 8.8 million trips. Wow! 🙂
    • MARC commuter rail, MTA commuter bus, Metrobus and Metrorail & other commute alternatives.
    • Frederick Airport Shuttle Service
    • Commuting to Rockville, Bethesda, Dc or Northern VA for work? Only 24.2 miles to the Shady grove metro station!

    Day/night life- Plenty of that!

    A few favorites are, golf resorts, over 15 public parks, 100 bike trails, wine trails, 6500 local businesses, 12 miles from shopping outlets, & the best– Downtown Frederick! (Over Over 50+ restaurants, shopping, theater shows, art festivals & much more!

    Visit here —> Downtown Frederick

    Safety- Rated on of the safest places to live nationwide!

    In 2016, Frederick Maryland was ranked #9 (out 50) for one of the safest places to live in ALL of Maryland!

     If you are considering moving to Frederick Maryland, Here are also the top safest communities to live in by rank:

    1. Urbana,
    2. Westcott Circle/Brandord Lane
    3. Mount Pleasant/Daysville
    4. Ballenger Creek
    5. Fingerboard Road/Singleton Place
    6. McKaig
    7. Flint Hill/ Hope Hill
    8. Opossumtown Pike/ Amber Drive
    9. Spring Ridge
    10. Braddock/Fuller

    On a side note: Did I mention that Frederick currently ranks No. 1 in the state for its public school system? We are a city that still sits close enough to Washington, D.C, but more than 60 percent of its workforce have chosen to live and work in the city itself. That speaks for itself! Frederick encourages creative, entrepreneurial-minded residents to make things happen.

    Considering living in Frederick, Maryland? It’s the best choice you can make for yourself or family! Have a wonderful week.

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