Why Frederick Maryland is on the top 100 Best Place to Live

    Frederick County is not only the second largest city in Maryland, it’s rated the top 100 best place to live in the United States!

    So what’s Frederick County really like? It’s a beautiful suburb outside of Washington DC. It doesn’t quite have a small town feeling to it, although outside of Frederick City you can have that small town living for sure!

    We wanted to share some facts about Frederick with you today. Observing data is always important if you are planning to move into the area or decide if you’re going to stay here and move into another part of the county!

    First, The county ranks number 1 in the state for public school systems and also has three very well known colleges, Frederick Community College, Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s. In Frederick County, there is a total of  239,253 people that live in here & the median household income is $84,480. Woot Woot! That’s right!  Frederick County really encourages entrepreneurship. Business’s here continue to sky rocket and it’s also one of the main reasons Frederick is named the top 100 best place to live.

    On top of everything we have already mentioned, Frederick has become a destination spot! This is typically hard to accomplish for smaller cities like this. Frederick is known for it’s great dining, shopping and also historical culture. The County is also not far from other awesome destinations too! It’s within 4 hours (driving distance) of many great places. If you’re wanting to get away for the weekend and do something fun without traveling too far…no problem! There’s beaches, mountains, lakes, hiking, skiing, water skiing (tons of lakes around Frederick County too) museums, history, train rides etc.

    Frederick County is one of the BEST places to live in the United States.

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